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Black Vinyl Tubing (BVT)

Premier Extrusion - Black Vinyl Tube

We have a vast range of Black Vinyl Tubing (BVT) available right off the shelf in 30m or 100m spools. Premier's BVT is food grade and nontoxic upon request, manufactured to comply with Australian Standard Codes.

Internal diameters range from 3-50mm and our BVT will withstand temperatures from -10°C up to 60°C. Premier can also manufacture to your specifications, we can even provide different tints.

Our BVT is ideal for spa, hardware, drainage, beverage and many other applications.

Black Vinyl Tube

Code Internal Dia. External Dia. Wall Thickness Coil Lengths Spool Lengths
31.1216 12mm 16mm 20mm 30mt n/a
31.2532 25mm 32mm 3.5mm 30mt n/a